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  • Making Christmas Special

This year come and hand pick your Christmas tree
at Harlocks Farm Stuntney CB7 5TR

Sizes range from 4ft to 9ft, with prices starting from £35
We pride ourselves on having premium quality trees at reasonable and affordable prices.
We source the best quality trees from UK farms.

Christmas trees

Our Tree selection
Nordman Fir

The Nordman is easily the most popular Christmas tree as it is a very soft tree which retains its needles until after the festive period. It has relatively large dark green needles that have a silvery underside, the branches are shiny, mid green and soft to touch, making it ideal for all members of the family to decorate. Nordman are layered and have a beautiful symmetrical shape, wonderful smell, and excellent needle retention.

Traditional Spruce

The Norway spruce is thought of as the traditional Christmas tree. The tree has a sharper, smaller needle and finer foliage, and a wonderfully strong and fresh scent. These trees, if kept well watered will improve their needle retention and look beautiful.

Potted Spruce (with roots)

These Nordman trees have stunning soft foliage and shape just like the cut Nordmans, except, they are in a pot and they have a more intense fresh fruity scent. The main advantage of the potted tree is that it can be kept fresh and watered, and has no need for a stand. If you look after it and it is not too dried out, the tree can be replanted after the festive period to add to your garden.

Tree Stands
Water-Holding stands are the best for Christmas trees. They are easy to use and very secure, and with the minimum 4 litre water-holding capacity, they will keep your tree unbelievably fresh.
Telephone orders

Please call Alastair on 07768 705 898


Have your Christmas tree delivered (CB6 and CB7) for £5

We are open

9am - 5pm daily (10am - 3pm Sundays). Every day until the 23rd December.